PEACE and LOVE for injuries

Musculoskeletal Injuries simply need PEACE and LOVE.

Past guidelines suggested using ICE (Ice, Compression and Elevation) for acute injuries. But is this still the best advice we can offer? What about the full recovery journey? Introducing PEACE & LOVE from the world’s leading sports medicine resource, the British Journal of Sports Medicine:

PEACE for Immediate Care:

  • Protect: Limit movements that cause pain for 1-3 days 
  • Elevate: Lift the injured area above the heart when resting
  • Avoid: Anti-inflammatories may disrupt the natural healing process, so avoiding them is recommended. Prolonged use of cold (ice wraps) may be unhelpful also
  • Compress: Reduce swelling with taping and bandaging
  • Educate: Embrace an active recovery approach

LOVE for Ongoing Recovery:

  • Load: Gentle movement and loading after the first few days promotes optimal repair
  • Optimism: A positive frame of mind improves outcomes
  • Vascularisation: Boost overall blood flow with general cardio exercise
  • Exercise: Start to strengthen & regain mobility early for best recovery. Follow a graduated return to activities.

Remember, it's about treating the whole person, not just the injury. Your injury needs both PEACE and LOVE! 

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Soft-tissue injuries simply need PEACE and LOVE published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine

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