manipulative therapy

Manipulative Physiotherapy can be an effective treatment in the early management of a variety of problems including some headaches, shoulder, knee and ankle injuries, neck and low back pain, sports and orthopaedic injuries.

sports injury

Early recovery following sports injury can commence with physiotherapy rehabilitation techniques.

Pain and loss of movement can be minimised to help you return to sport faster with a reduced risk of re-injury.

Avoid any of the HARM factors in the first 48 hours to prevent increased swelling and help your recovery:
Heat Alcohol Running Massage.

dry needling

Dy needling may be used during physiotherapy. This technique employs the use of acupuncture needles to treat muscular tender points. Dry needling can be an effective way to relieve musculoskeletal pain.


Pre and/or post operative physiotherapy may be required by some patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery.

Your surgeon will recommend physiotherapy when appropriate.

We have extensive experience in rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery to the shoulder, hip, knee and foot.

functional rehabilitation

We employ functional exercise therapy to rehabilitate

  • Painful joints and arthritis
  • Workers compensation injuries
  • Spinal pain
  • Pre and post surgery
  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Balance disorders


Some headache may arise from problems with the joints in the upper part of the neck or from muscle tension.

We can provide thorough assessment and treatment of these headaches using specific techniques and exercises when appropriate.